Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the key aspect of business. Specially in events lead generation is top thing that can generate revenues. After generation of successful lead it is very important to communicate with them on priority basis. We provide this full flow of features with our lead generation and marketing techniques to help you achieve high ROI.
Lead Generation

Lead generation is the first step of the sales process.

The objective of our lead generation Lead-ERS services is to generate inquiries from prospects.You have to agree that chasing those steep sales targets can be far less intimidating if you have the right leads. But then, isn’t generating those leads the toughest part of sales!

To make this seemingly tough job of data building less daunting, it’s best you leave it to the experts at Lead-ers while you focus on your core business. And you’ll see how your sales graph starts soaring upwards!Our team of experts works on building that perfect marketing database based on your unique requirements. Above all, we work just like an extension of your Sales team, working hand-in-hand with you at every step related to the data building process for a seamless experience and maximum impact.What gives you a definite edge with Lead-ers is our focus on the quality of leads generated rather than the quantity. We build and nurture long term relationships with prospective leads; an approach that reaps big dividends in the long run.With the ‘Lead-ers advantage’, you can be sure of taking your business to the leadership position, that too at affordable rates. Our skilled staff works round the clock in 30 different sectors, targeting more than 18 countries worldwide to make life easier for you.As a result of our impeccable track record, we have been the trusted choice of industry leaders for years now.

What sets us apart from other lead generation companies?

Lead-ERS is unique from other lead generation companies because we not only have the experience and expertise required to turn prospects into quality leads, but we manage our own sophisticated Lead-ERS marketing database. Our database offers unique information that other business databases simply don’t. On top of that, our database has been audited and given a 94% accuracy rate, which is considered extremely high in the world of data.

What is Lead Generation ?

Lead generation is the first step of the sales process. The objective of our lead generation Lead-ERS services is to generate inquiries from prospects, then convert them into pre-qualified, high-quality business leads that have a great chance of being converted into customers. When a salesperson has a lead that meets the minimum requirements, has a sufficient budget, and has a want or need for the product or service, the probability of closing the sale increases tremendously.

Why Do i need lead generation company ?

Lead generation creates a situation where the buyer can request information from several businesses that offer the product or service that they are looking for, and the seller is given an opportunity to pitch their product or service to an interested party who has provided permission to be contacted.

How can Lead-ERS help my business?

Lead-ERS will market your product, service or brand using different avenues of marketing techniques such as direct marketing and digital marketing. This generates interests and inquiries about your business. Furthermore, we follow up with every business that that we market to and begin the process of pre-qualifying the sales prospect. Our job is to take a large pool of potential customers and narrow it down to prospects that are qualified and ready to buy. Every salesperson, representative, reseller or distributor needs serious, qualified sales leads to maximize their success when it comes to closing sales. Lead-ERS will save your salespeople the hassle of contacting uninterested, unqualified prospects from an unfiltered list of business prospects. This allows you to cut your sales expenses significantly and increase your return on investment (ROI).


Efficient Leads generation.
Lead generation is not one step process, after generation of leads it requires to recheck for validation and removal of unnecessary leads. This recheck process makes lead conversation rate up by 20%.
Quick follow up
If a lead takes more than 5 minutes to respond then the odds of that lead to qualifying decreases by 10X.
Lead management.
Lead data accessibility, communication of leads and arranging leads in proper manner is very important to make ROI high.
Lead data entry.
Almost 27% of sales person are spending 1 hour daily on data entry. We can save 1 hour per sales person daily by our data entry service.

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