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Frequently asked questions

A lead is a potential customer – someone who has indicated in some way that they might be interested in your product or service, but has not yet made the decision to buy and become a customer. Once this happens, the lead is qualified before attending a meeting to be converted to a sale.

This is the practice of searching for people who might become leads. Various methods can be used to spark awareness and interest in a brand, like discount coupons, blogs or shared social media posts.

It is so important in a business of any size to think ahead. Even if your sales are healthy now, a good lead generation strategy is essential to ensure that future quarters can show the same, or even better figures. Lead generation keeps the traffic flowing to your website and gives your sales team more chances to convert.

Organic leads are those that come to you rather than vice versa. This might be via a search engine, when someone who had not previously heard of your company discovers it in search results as a result of a query. Or someone might see a blog or social media post you have written. These kind of leads are far more likely to be converted into sales than bought lists of leads.

We work across a variety of channels to deliver the best lead-generation results for our clients, both in terms of quality and quantity. These channels include: email, blogs, social media, podcasts, SEO, webinars, video marketing, ebooks and whitepapers.

Yes, absolutely. Aligned with more traditional marketing methods, social media is a rich source of leads. We make use of all the top platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to create content that will attract new leads to your brand.

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